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Having paved the way in product innovation for more than 40 years, Solar Gard builds upon decades of experience to offer the world's best window film and surface protection solutions.

Whether you’re looking to block heat and glare while on the go, help protect your skin from UV damage and interior from fading, or up the sleek factor of your vehicle – Solar Gard offers one of the broadest product lines on the market today.

Ranging from virtually invisible to significantly darker options, the majority of Solar Gard automotive films come with a limited lifetime warranty (including color stability) and boast industry-leading optical clarity.

Window Film
Solar Gard- How Our Products Are Made
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Solar Gard- What Matters Most to You...We're On It
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Advanced nano-ceramic technology offers a cooler and more comfortable driving experience in a signal-friendly construction.


Ceramic Window Films

Using dyed film technology, NR films offer the benefits of privacy, UV protection, signal-friendliness, and moderate heat control.


Non-Reflective (NR) Window Films

HP films take advantage of metallized technology to reflect solar heat, providing all the benefits of NR films with superior heat control.


High-Performance (HP) Window Films

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