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DIY Plant Hanger

Looking for louder sound without distortion? Simply want to hear more of the music even at lower volumes? Amplifiers are key to creating the ultimate audio experience.

KENWOOD amplifiers offer great sound quality at an exceptional value.



KENWOOD eXcelon amplifiers combine the best of sound quality and versatility, making them the perfect companion for eXcelon speakers. We back all eXcelon Motorsports products with a 2 Year warranty.



The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference Series products set a new standard in audio excellence. They are constructed with state-of-the-art materials, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding music enthusiasts. We spend countless hours listening to and tuning these products, optimizing them for your vehicle listening experience.


KENWOOD eXcelon Reference

JVCKENWOOD Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications equipment. Founded in the United States in 1961, JVCKENWOOD USA is the largest sales subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation of Japan and is recognized by consumers and industry professionals for providing products known for quality, performance, and value.

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